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  • box elder beetles in flower garden

    Created by dawnslight on
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    My flower gardens have been taken over by the box elder beetle. But I have three dogs and I need something that will not hurt them and at the same time get rid of the box elder beetles which are on everything.

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    if you can have them where you live.

    I've been told before the box elder beetles are harmless, unless they annoy you!

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    Thankyou Smity but I live in the city and we can not have chickens.
    Yes they do annoy me like you would not beleive. They cover not only my flowers but all my stone walls, yard lights which light my gardens and water gardens. They are everywere in summer and fall.

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    how do i get rid of the thousands of box elder bugs devouring my milkweed without harming or detering the monarch caterpillars or butterflies i planted the milkweed FOR.

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