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  • How to get rid of biting flies

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    I think they are deer flys. They hang out by my front porch and attack on my way to the car. you can only swat them when they bite. It stings a bit. Any good way to repel them and make them live some place else. Thanks

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    I wish there was a way to make them go somewhere else but I haven't figured that one out yet! My family is tortured daily with the attack of deer flies. I've been experimenting with deer fly traps. Since they are "attack" predators, they wait for you to move then go after you. It takes a 6" blue plastic pot/pail and Tanglefoot adhesive spray. Mount the pot on a long ord so that it will move (like your head) and then spray with Tanglefoot -I found this product here at Planet Natural. You can walk around with this contraption or mount it to a lawn mower or similar vehicle and "troll" for the pests. You should trap a bunch of deer flies in no time. Good luck!

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