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  • Alfalfa Pellets

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    I have heard that Alfalfa "Meal" is a great organic fertilizer. Does anyone know if Alfalfa pellet feed for horses can be used for this, as no one has Alfalfa Meal to purchase, except online for too much money.

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    It would probably be OK, I know that Soy Bean Meal is an excellent source of Nitrogen but is only available as cattle feed, so I don't know why the Alfalfa Pellet Feed wouldn't work!

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    produce guy

    I use to buy alfalfa meal at a local gardening center untill a local farmer told me that it would be cheaper to but from a co-op that sells alfalfa pellets,crush 'em myself with a rubber mallet inside 2 ziploc bags and then spread them out on the compost pile and on the grass.I've never had a problem doing that.

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